The Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Council (IMDMC)  is an association of medical device manufacturers and other associated companies, formed in 1991, to promote the medical device industry.  

The Medical Device Sector is a major engine for Indiana's prosperity, fifth in the nation with over 150 companies and employment of over 20,000 Hoosiers. Our sector companies provide high paying ($10K more than the average manufacturing job) stable jobs, with over $1B in Indiana payrolls. Our industry is not cyclical ... it's growing. It's high tech. It's a major global exporter. Its value to Indiana is substantial.

IMDMC plays a key role in building up this industry sector. We are the catalyst for collaboration, education and advocacy, advancing the performance of member companies and helping to shape a business environment in Indiana in which member companies can flourish.

Our members are both the reason for the IMDMC and the key to its sustainable success. As such, member engagement is a thread that runs throughout our organization.

Our Mission

The Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Council (IMDMC)  catalyzes collaboration, education and advocacy in Indiana's medical device sector to advance the performance of our member firms and cultivate a business environment in which they can flourish.

By uniting Indiana medical device manufacturers, large and small, IMDMC serves to amplify the voices and convey the interests of these innovative companies before state and federal legislatures and regulatory agencies.

IMDMC advocates on behalf of its members for policies that:

  • Promote the pursuit of excellence in the development and delivery of medical technologies that save or enhance lives or reduce disability.

  • Improve patient access to these technologies.

  • Promote members’ ability to be successful, and thereby expand their ability to deliver benefits to patients, healthcare providers, employees, shareholders, and the local communities in which they do business.

  • Advocate for regulatory, payment, tax and liability policies that will foster an environment in which innovation can flourish.

IMDMC is dedicated to providing ongoing training and education to help equip its members to adapt to the changing environment in which they operate. Through the relationships it develops, its recognized expertise, and its passionate advocacy. IMDMC serves to increase public awareness of the economic and health benefits the Indiana medical device industry delivers throughout the world.